Chief Information Officer

John Messina

Photographe de John Messina, Dirigeant principal de l'information.

John Messina was appointed to the position of Chief Information Officer of the Government of Canada, effective August 24, 2015.

John comes to Treasury Board Secretariat from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) where he was Assistant Commissioner and Chief Information Officer. Previously, Mr. Messina was the Deputy Assistant Commissioner for both Infrastructure and Solutions at CRA, and has 29 years of IT-related experience in various management positions within CRA.

Mr. Messina graduated from Laurentian University with a Bachelor of Commerce degree and is a Certified Professional Accountant, and recently completed the Certificate Program in Public Sector Leadership and Governance at the University of Ottawa.

Chief Information Officer Branch (CIOB)

As the Chief Information Officer for the Government of Canada, Mr. Messina is responsible for leading policy development and enablement, management oversight and community capacity development for six policy areas: information management, information technology, identity management and security, access to information, privacy, and internal and external services. CIOB leads the development of strategy and provides direction and leadership to federal departments and agencies for the government-wide pursuit of excellence in these policy domains. CIOB also collaborates actively with other Canadian and international jurisdictions on the development of best practices and on cross-jurisdictional initiatives.

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