Web Renewal Initiative: Streamlining the Government of Canada Web Presence

Canada.ca features 15 user-centric themes based on the top information and tasks that visitors are looking for. The site is accessible and easy to use on any device. It offers a revamped and comprehensive media/news section with new features as well as an improved search function. Over a period of three years, approximately 1,500 individual websites will be brought together under Canada.ca to make it easier for Canadians to find information.

Canada.ca at launch

At launch, Canada.ca links to departmental sites which remain as-is, with current look and content. Departments and agencies will continue to publish their content according to their publishing schedules and will remain accountable for their content at all levels, including content in support of themes.

Departments identified as theme leaders will coordinate and publish interdepartmental content to themes on Canada.ca.

Over the next three years

Departments and agencies will migrate their active content into Canada.ca over a period of three years and use web services for web publishing and hosting, web search, web analytics, online citizen engagement and social media account management.

A common web archiving solution will be made available to departments to ensure users can access older information as departments transition their active content to Canada.ca.

Departmental Roles and Responsibilities

Service Canada is the interim publisher for Canada.ca. A principal publisher will be identified in 2014 to manage the publishing process and the Canada.ca website.

Treasury Board Secretariat’s Web Renewal Initiative is responsible for planning and coordinating the rapid procurement of necessary Web services that will enable the principal publisher to fulfill its responsibilities.

Government of Canada departments and agencies publishing to Canada.ca will remain accountable for their content on this central site.

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