Common Look and Feel for the Internet 2.0 Standard Status Update

As part of the Government's commitment to providing accessible online information and services to the public and to maintaining trust and confidence in Government of Canada websites, it was announced in January 2010 that the Common Look and Feel for the Internet 2.0 Standard (CLF 2.0), was being updated.

Through collaboration with the Government's Web communities, the current four components of the CLF 2.0 standards will be replaced by the following three new components:

Standard on Web Accessibility
To strengthen accessibility to online Government information and services
Standard on Web Usability
To ensure that websites are easy to use, while maintaining a consistent look and feel to engender trust and confidence in Government of Canada websites.
Standard on Web Interoperability
To enable better machine access and re-use of Government information

Supporting tools and guidelines are also being developed in collaboration with the Government Web community and external Web communities, as well as provincial and international governments.

The three components will be implemented separately over the next two fiscal years (2010-2011 and 2011-2012). The Standard on Web Accessibility is expected to be completed by fall 2010, while the other two standards are expected to be in place in spring 2011 (Usability) and fall 2011 (Interoperability). Institutions will be provided with a transition period after each component of the updated CLF Standards is implemented to allow sufficient time for compliance.

While the updated CLF standards are being developed, institutions are expected to continue to focus their efforts on complying with requirements in CLF 2.0 that support the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Deputy heads continue to be accountable for implementation of the standards within their institutions.

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